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Please tell me someone thought of this before…


Please tell me someone thought of this before…

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KPOP language 

  • B.E.G.: Dot dot dot dot dot
  • 2PM: Put put put put put
  • 2AM: Hu Hu Hu Hu
  • MissA: No oh no oh
  • T-ara: Bo beep bo beep bo beep
  • 2ne1: Bom ba ratatata
  • Orange Caramel: Ssha ssha ssha
  • Secret: Dooloowat doobab doobab
  • CN Blue: Dipdi dali doo
  • f(x): Da lat da lat da
  • SJ: Bumbubum bum bum bum
  • A Pink: Duru dudu doo
  • B.A.P: Digi digi dam digi digi dam
  • Exo: Doong doong doong doong doong
  • Big Bang: Boom shakalaka
  • SHINee: ring ding dong riggy diggy ding dong
  • BLOCK B: gogo gaga gogo gaga
  • DBSK: doong doong doong
  • B1A4: joom joom
  • SNSD: Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
  • KARA: lalalalalalalalalala
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Hyelim updates on Official WonderFul fancafe on 03/14/12 


It’s been awhile!^^ you guys are doing fine right~~?? hahaha
Lately you must been suffering because the weather has turned out to be so cold, isn’t it??
However, today’s weather seems to be a little bit loose so I feel good!
Today is a white day…
Who made this kind of day actually?ㅡㅡ kkkkkk
Anyway, I hope the ladies receive a lot of candies~
if you did not… then till the next opportunity :)


These days I’ve been trying to work so hard day by day.
To be honest, even though every day I’ve made “Today’s plans and goals” but there’re still a little bit more things that I could not do~
But! Whatever we want to do, by doing it little by little to accomplish it, because of the sense of enthusiasm in myself, it makes me wanted to work on it even much harder! ^^


It’s been a long time since I write messages(?), letters(?), it makes me worried what to write!


Everyone, if you guys had any questions, you can ask me! about anything!^^


I’m always grateful to have you
Thank you very much^^


Source : Hyelim’s diary on Official WonderFul Daum Cafe + WonderFuls Cafe for the translations

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limits !! come closer!!

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act cool ☆

Hello! I'm Woo Hye Lim from Wonder Girls! You can call me Lim :) Don't be afraid to talk to me!

09/01/92 \\ 167 cm, 47 kg \\ vocalist & subrapper
speaks english, korean, mandarin, and cantonese
status: single \\ hyelimanon@live.com
 over the LIMit

semi-hiatus! but don't worry, i'll be on ^^